Aerospace RFID Solutions

Brady SmartID has developed the world’s premiere solution for Aerospace part marking and RFID encoding. We’ve taken the scrupulous demands of Airframers, Parts Suppliers, and MRO facilities, and developed an automated, roll-stock RFID printing and encoding system. Our solution is compliant to the ATA Spec-2000, and our labeling solutions meet the rigorous performance standards required by Aerospace.

Our second generation labels and printing/encoding system is setting new performance standards in Aerospace part marking by introducing increased read range and multiple tag design options.

Brady's RFID solution will help you achieve:

  1. Efficient printing and encoding
  2. ATA-compliance with both software and hardware
  3. Improved birth record and maintenance history management

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Brady's Full RFID Solution for Aerospace

Brady’s Integrated RFID Labels and Tags

The Alloy Tag is engineered to ensure part integrity, attachment to both metal and composite surfaces, and to resist exposure to extreme environmental conditions. Brady’s combined proprietary topcoat and ribbon technology provide durable print without the need for an over laminate or clear coat. The integrated RFID chip ensures incorruptible storage and retention of asset data that is in compliance with the 2016 updates to the ATA spec.

The Air Tag is an integrated RFID label designed for Aerospace applications on non-metallic surfaces. Engineered to maximize read-range for use with mobile hand-scanners inside aircraft cabins, the Air Tag is ideal for a wide range of applications including life vest, safety equipment, and other aircraft assets. The air tag comes in a variety of designs and sizes, and may be customized depending on the need.

Rigid Tags are designed for the extreme conditions and specifications of the aerospace industry. In partnership with Vizinex, Rigid tags are compliant with EPCglobal1 Class1 Generation2 Ver1.2.0, ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C, and have a very high durability, satisfying rigorous testing requirements for the Aerospace Standard SAE AS5678 specification.

Tag Technology - How it Works

  1. THT Printable Topcoat - Durable Print
    • Robust: Durable Print - no over laminate or top coat
    • Easy to Use: In-line high speed print-on-demand
    • Reliable: Integrated printing, encoding and validation process ensures accuracy
  2. High-Performance Construction
    • Robust: Ultra light-weight (< 2g) proprietary construction
    • Easy to use: material is flexible, effortlessly conforming to both flat and curved surfaces
    • Reliable: Incorruptible data storage and retention
  3. Ultra-Durable Adhesive - Easy Attachment
    • Robust: withstands the harsh environments found in aerospace applications
    • Easy to use: simple attachment through pressure sensitive adhesive.
    • Reliable: works on both metal and composite materials